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The Most Contentious Interview You’ll Ever See

This is clip is a sight to behold.  The squealing starts about 10 seconds in and pretty much doesn’t let up throughout. Ah, Cenk.  You had me at “a highly absurd book”. Advertisements

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Get a load of this load

Don’t take a sip of anything while watching this video of Phil Davison, who is running for some podunk office in Ohio: Ah, that’s good stuff.

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Wallace Flounders

This is long as hell but also delightful. Wallace gets increasingly flustered and whiny as he repeatedly tries to find new ways to phrase “b-b-b-but judicial activism!!” Olsen is just like, “motherfucker did I stutter? Fundamental rights are not subject … Continue reading

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Holy Shit

Context here.  Weiner is one of the good guys, man.  If only we had a couple hundred more Weiners running around in Washington (lol).

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Vegas is boned

Get in there and get your free buffet while you can.

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Tom Tancredo is a Real Lunatic

I don’t know if it’s really about racism or not, but I don’t really care.  Either way it’s goddamn crazy.  Tom Tancredo seriously belongs in a padded room along with everyone who thinks this way, which includes probably 90% of … Continue reading

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