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You did it, Republicans. It was you.

Fuck all the neutral or liberal commenters I’ve heard flat out say they don’t think the Loughner shootings had anything to do with politics or violent rhetoric.  Based on fucking what?  There’s plenty of evidence to back up a case … Continue reading

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Primal Scream

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Obama has brain damage

It’s the only explanation: “I think it’s premature to talk about vetoes because maybe I’m a congenital optimist, but I feel as if, post-election, regardless of how it plays out, the most important message that will be sent by the … Continue reading

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Heroic Governor Battles Greedy Special Interests

Governor Conan swings his mighty veto sword, and down goes special interest pork: Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger on Friday vetoed nearly $1 billion in spending on welfare, child care, special education and other programs before signing the budget bill that lawmakers … Continue reading

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The Most Contentious Interview You’ll Ever See

This is clip is a sight to behold.  The squealing starts about 10 seconds in and pretty much doesn’t let up throughout. Ah, Cenk.  You had me at “a highly absurd book”.

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StM’s California Voter Guide

As you may know, there is an election coming up in a month.  With that in mind, I present StM’s official California Voter Guide.  Perhaps later Colosssuz will let us know what the proper votes are in a state where … Continue reading

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Your Daily Absurdity

Ann Coulter peeks out from under her rock: Marriage “is not a civil right — you’re not black,” Coulter told the crowd, building upon an argument that claimed the equal protections provided by the Fourteenth Amendment — and potentially used … Continue reading

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