You did it, Republicans. It was you.

Fuck all the neutral or liberal commenters I’ve heard flat out say they don’t think the Loughner shootings had anything to do with politics or violent rhetoric.  Based on fucking what?  There’s plenty of evidence to back up a case that they are connected.  What can anyone point to to show that they aren’t connected?  People are saying this shit because they think it’s politic and that it’s too harsh to blame a shit-talker for actual murders.

As far as I’m concerned, if you spend 2 years calling your opponents enemies, talking about second amendment remedies, saying they’re a virus and need to be removed for the good of our nation, it falls on you to prove your innocence when someone actually takes a cue and starts murdering people.  That’s the risk of violent political rhetoric and it’s why you don’t fucking do it.  Eat shit, republicans.  You murdered 6 people last week and wounded 14 more.  You did it.

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