Heroic Governor Battles Greedy Special Interests

Governor Conan swings his mighty veto sword, and down goes special interest pork:

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger on Friday vetoed nearly $1 billion in spending on welfare, child care, special education and other programs before signing the budget bill that lawmakers had passed about eight hours earlier after a marathon overnight session.

The governor slashed 23 line items from the $87.5-billion general fund budget, including $256 million from a program for school-age children of families moving off welfare, $133 million from mental health services for special education students and nearly $60 million from AIDS treatment and prevention programs.

He later remarked, “It is a new day in Cauleeforneeya, no longer will the poor millionaires in our great state live under the crushing heel of our greediest and most powerful special interests.¬† I am of course referring to poor children and people with AIDS.”

On a more positive note about the budget, it did increase funding for responding to emergencies such as wildfires by almost a billion dollars, so if next summer a fire threatens Steve Jobs’ mansion, Steve will no longer have to provide his own private squadron of fire-dousing helicopters.

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