StM’s California Voter Guide

As you may know, there is an election coming up in a month.  With that in mind, I present StM’s official California Voter Guide.  Perhaps later Colosssuz will let us know what the proper votes are in a state where there’s a 3-way governor’s race between a teabagger, a gay republican and a democrat and the dem is in last place.  Kered can weigh in on CA when he returns from his vision quest, but for now consider these the correct votes.

Let’s get the obvious out of the way first:

GovernorJerry Brown.  Brown isn’t a super exciting candidate but Meg Whitman is your standard modern repub, who wants to fix the economy by firing 40,000 more state employees in the middle of a huge wave of unemployment and cutting taxes for rich people and corporations.  How novel.

SenateBarbara Boxer.  If it were Feinstein who was up this time I might suggest a write-in for Don Draper or possibly your local village idiot, but Boxer is actually sort of a good senator.  And Carly Fiorina is a terrible joke.

On to the propositions:

Proposition 19 (legal weed) – YES.  The war on drugs is profoundly stupid.  If California legalized weed, it could precipitate an actual debate about drug policy in this country.  Or a bunch of right-wing screaming and bible-thumping.  Regardless, this one should be a no-brainer, and for that reason I doubt it will pass.

Proposition 20 & 27 (redistricting) – 20 takes the recently passed redistricting commission and gives them congressional districts to redraw in addition to state senate and assembly districts.  27 goes the other way and repeals the commission altogether.  I could be wrong but in the long term I think this is how districts should be drawn, I just wish all states did it this way and not just us.  Tentatively YES on 20, NO on 27.

Proposition 21 (vehicle license fee for state parks) – YES please.  This is a bargain, just vote for it.  It’s an extra 18 bucks a year to your car registration and you get free entry into state parks instead of the current fee structure.  If you go twice in a year this pays for itself.

Proposition 22 (reduces the state’s ability to borrow from local funds) – YES.  The state needs to fix it’s revenue model, not just raid the local piggy banks.  Sheeeeeit.

Proposition 23 (Suspends air pollution controls) – NO.  All this is is polluters trying to use our fear about the economy to fuck us.  The bill suspends pollution controls until CA sees 4 consecutive quarters with an unemployment rate below 5.5.  Utterly shameless shit, even Arnold is against this one.

Proposition 24 (reduces businesses’ ability to lower their tax liability) – YES.  The argument against this is we need to let businesses not pay their share because otherwise they’ll take their ball and go home.  This seems to be largely an empty threat.  Fuck them.

Proposition 25 (changes the vote requirement to pass a budget from 2/3 to a simple majority) – For the love of god YES.  As the republicans have gotten crazier and crazier in recent years, the budget process has dragged on later and later.  The argument against this is that it’ll just give democrats the ability to pass whatever budget they want with a simple majority.  Newsflash: that’s democracy.  The state legislature isn’t disfunctional because of those evil democrats that make up the majority, it’s because they’re forced to accomodate a small faction of fanatics who don’t give a shit what happens to this state.  Like the national republicans, they’re perfectly happy to block everything that isn’t a giveaway to banks and big business, and if it means CA has to furlough all it’s employees and start writing IOUs, well, who cares?

Proposition 26 (requires that certain state and local fees be approved by 2/3 vote) – NO.  Let’s not add to the 2/3 problem.  Remember about the crazy republican minority?

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