Your Daily Absurdity

Ann Coulter peeks out from under her rock:

Marriage “is not a civil right — you’re not black,” Coulter told the crowd, building upon an argument that claimed the equal protections provided by the Fourteenth Amendment — and potentially used to build a case for marriage equality — were only applicable to black people.

I guess you gotta at least respect the consistency; she isn’t gonna pretend she doesn’t hate your gay ass just because you vote Republican.

The flourish at the end is what really sells it though.  Check it out:

As for Coulter, she told the Daily Caller that the gay crowd was actually more receptive to her anti-gay marriage message than they were willing to concede.

“The truth is…they’re already against gay marriage, they just wont admit it publicly,” said Coulter. “I’m trying to get these gays to come out of the closet.”

Heh, indeed.

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