Dems Give Away the Queen


The Senate’s decision not to address the Bush tax cuts until after the election is the strongest indication yet that the game is over. After a House Democratic caucus meeting this morning — but before the news broke on the Senate side — key legislators were mum, and aides pessimistic, that the House will do what Speaker Pelosi wants to do: force a vote on tax legislation that will put Republicans on the record backing tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans. Pelosi herself had earlier canceled a scheduled press conference, another sign that her attempt to rally the caucus was coming up short. With House Democratic leaders still insisting that they will follow the Senate’s lead, it seems more and more likely that they too will drop the tax cut issue until after the election.

Nothing they do makes any electoral sense.  The Democratic Party obviously doesn’t want to be in charge if this is how they’re going to play it.  I give up on these fucking idiots.  All hail our new teabagging overlords.

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3 Responses to Dems Give Away the Queen

  1. rdalin says:

    The Democrats didn’t schedule a vote because they knew with 100% certainty that the vote would fail, making them look even worse before the election. But this wasn’t because of incompetence, just like the dozens of other votes that failed to pass by only 1-2 even though there was a clear senate majority favoring passage, in many cases as many as 56-57 senators voting yes. They failed because the Republicans took the ball and changed the rules on them, but all anyone seems to care about is who’s up and who’s down in the game.

    If every progressive blogger had spent the last two years writing about how Republicans have been perverting the rules of Congress, instead of writing about how the Democrats couldn’t do this or the president wasn’t passionate about that, I wonder how much further along we’d be today.

  2. Kered says:

    None further!

  3. Xandar says:

    I’m pretty sure every progressive blogger has spent the last two years bitching about Republicans abusing the process. Doesn’t seem to have helped.

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