More Bullshit From the Bogus Captain

Even when good news emerges from the White House it has a way of leaving a taste of defeat in your mouth.

Lawrence Summers, the White House’s top economic adviser, will leave at the end of the year and return to his position as a professor at Harvard University.

Summers is finally leaving a post that most progressives have bemoaned him for having.  This is the same man who, in the Clinton administration, wanted to deregulate the financial markets so much that they resembled the pages of Lord of the Flies.

Obama, in the only way Obama has a knack for, fails to capitalize on Elizabeth Warren’s appointment and prove to his base that he is done exhausting them.

To fend off claims of being anti-business, the Obama administration may replace Summers, who serves as the director of the president’s National Economic Council, with a top corporate executive.

Time and time again Obama has proven that he has no problem throwing the people that voted and worked for him under the bus to pay lip service to a few kooks that he does not wish to yell that he is a communist-socialist Hippie.

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