Whoever wins, we lose

One interesting feature of the expected Dem blowout in the upcoming election is the fact that many, if not most, of the dems that are going to get stomped are the fuckers who have sided with Republicans wherever possible, like Blanche Lincoln.  Woman is going to be pulverized, there won’t be anything left.  Hard to feel too bad about losing seats like hers.

Sure, it will suck if pubs actually take control of congress and we have to hear about Speaker Boner endlessly subpoena-ing administration figures over frivolous nonsense.  But in practice, what is going to be all that different?  It’s not like the dems actually did fucking anything with their huge majorities.  For a little while there, Democrats had enough senate and house seats to pass anything short of a constitutional amendment if they’d wanted to.  They didn’t even pass a meaningful version of healthcare reform, which was their top priority and supposed to be the centerpiece of the entire damned term.  What difference will it make, really, if a few dozen of the clowns that denied their own party its central accomplishment and their country a bump towards first-world healthcare status get sent home in disgrace?

I’m sure Republicans will find new ways to shame this country and confound any sense of common decency when they get in, but at the moment I’m not seeing how losing the most odious Dems changes the picture all that much.

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One Response to Whoever wins, we lose

  1. Colosssuz says:

    Addition by subtraction in my book. Get rid of the Dems in name only , like Lincoln, and have the party be stronger and more united.

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