Ted Leo is someone you oughta listen to

This is what kickass progressive rocker Ted Leo had to say about the current administration in a recent interview:

A couple weeks ago, White House press secretary Robert Gibbs went completely mental and declared that “liberal” critics of the Barack Obama administration should be “drug-tested”. Here is what Ted Leo has to say about that.

“Yeah, what a fuckin’ asshole,” he seethes, on the line from his home in Rhode Island. “Seriously, I’m utterly shocked. The thing that sends me into hypertension with all this is that I’m not crazy when I say that the right has gone insane. There are people still pushing court cases about Obama’s supposed lack of a birth certificate, and the fuckin’ White House press secretary is going to take Rachel Maddow to task for daring to ‘hold the President’s feet to the fire’? Which is barely going on anyway.”

Leo continues his rant with: “It’s just shocking to me what a bunch of—forgive me—fucking pussies these people are and what a bunch of corporatist lackeys they obviously are, and it’s just insane. There’s not even a façade of being anything but lackeys to the establishment.

Impossible to disagree with.

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One Response to Ted Leo is someone you oughta listen to

  1. Xandar says:

    The man makes a compelling case.

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