Death of the Right Fringe

I get that it’s easy to believe bad things about the opposition.  When you hear some scandalous thing about a guy you don’t like, most people think “yeah, figures.”  When you think America’s Christian president wants to impose “islamic law” (whatever that is) across the entire globe, well, you belong in a straightjacket.

Meet the modern Republican party:

A majority of Republicans believe that President Barack Obama “sympathizes with the goals of Islamic fundamentalists who want to impose Islamic law around the world,” according to a survey released on Monday.

That figure, buried at the very end of a newly released Newsweek public opinion poll, reflects the extent to which a shocking bit of smear and misinformation has managed to become nearly commonplace within the GOP tent.

A full 14 percent of Republicans said that it was “definitely true” that Obama sympathized with the fundamentalists and wanted to impose Islamic law across the globe. An additional 38 percent said that it was probably true — bringing the total percentage of believers to 52 percent. Only 33 percent of Republicans said that the “allegation” (as Newsweek put it) was “probably not true.” Seven percent said it was “definitely not true.” The rest (eight percent) either didn’t know the answer or didn’t read the question.

This is the most depressing shit I’ve read all month.  Did the survey also ask these people whether they receive communications from space aliens via their underpants?  An apparent majority of Republicans are now tinfoil-hatted lunatics.

What’s even more amazing is the whole thing is pulled from the fevered imagination of people like Glenn Beck, a charlatan who will spend an hour telling you society is crumbling around you and your only chance is to stock up on gold, which is great because his biggest sponsor just happens to be a company that sells gold.  What these fools admit to believing is so self-apparently stupid and wrong, they may as well be saying that they believe the sky is red.

There is no longer a right-wing fringe; the unhinged cranks who would, in a sane world, be relegated to public access TV or standing on a street corner in a sandwich board are now a majority of the Republican party.  These goons are no longer a sideshow, they are the ones who will possibly take control of congress in a couple months.

Look on and despair.

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