November and… Beyond?

The Glowing Orange Man

Everybody pretty much takes it for granted that Democrats are going to get pantsed in the November election, some people even go so far as to say John Boehner will be our first Orange-American Speaker of the House.  What you don’t hear a lot about is, then what?

What have Republicans said they’ll do if they get back in power?  Their election strategy is clearly just to moan about the deficit and blame unemployment on Obama and call it a day.  What’s never explained is how tax cuts for the wealthy and service cuts for everyone else is supposed to help.  If that shit worked, we would have created at least a few jobs and somebody besides those top 1% would have seen gains in the last decade.  The only peep you hear about what they’ll actually do is from cranks like Michelle Bachmann who say they’ll shut everything down and spend all their time subpoena-ing the administration over every imagined transgression.  How’d that work out for Newt and his gang in the 90s?

What else could they even do?  Obama will still be the president.  They’re not getting any of their extreme right-wing shit passed anyway, and that’s all they’ll put up, because the deranged, racist teabagger base now controls the party.  They’re systematically purging everyone who even sort of cares about trying to make sense.  2 years of regressive right-wing bills being filibustered or vetoed won’t help the economy any more than the last 2 years of everything under the sun being filibustered by the right.

The economy is still going to suck in January when the new congress takes office, and it’s still going to be because of Republicans.  The dems haven’t failed to meaningfully turn things around in the last year and a half because they’ve been such crazy liberals, it’s because they’ve capitulated to Republicans or sold out to Corporate America on every significant reform that’s been on the table.  These people have kept actual liberals at arm’s length ever since the election and repeatedly passed policy that might even fall to the right of something Nixon or Reagan would have passed.  So apparently this group of Democrats doesn’t have the inclination or the balls to fix this mess, but we know for certain the Republicans will only double down and make things worse.  We need to create jobs and get money into the hands of people who will pump it into the economy, but all the republicans offer is tax cuts for rich people and spending cuts.  Literally sucking money out of the economy and handing it to people who will hoard it.

Repubs may succeed in the short term getting put back in charge but since they were the ones who fucked everything up and none of them learned a damn thing from it, they’re only going to make things worse again.  Aside from that, they’ve only gotten more hostile and closed off to all the growing minority segments of America.  It’s sort of hard to believe any of them give two shits about this country and aren’t just trying to siphon as much of its wealth as they can for themselves before it collapses entirely.

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