Kill the Messenger


“It’s really no different in our judgment than having a judge who owns a porn studio being asked to issue a ruling on an anti-pornography statute,” says the AFA spokesman. “There’s a conflict of interest there.”

Ah, the American Family Association, what a lovely bunch of people.  Let’s ignore the 138 pages of devastating, irrefutable reasoning about the actual case and just say it must be flawed because the judge is gay.

Additional ADA positions we can infer from this:

  • Black judges may not rule on civil rights cases
  • Female judges may not rule on anything related to birth control or abortion
  • Any minority or female judge may not rule on a case involving discrimination of some kind
  • Clarence Thomas may not rule on cases involving sexual harrassment or perverts

By the way, get a load of the second most popular choice in the poll in that link.

It trivializes morality and exalts sin.

These people give me the fuckin’ creeps.

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One Response to Kill the Messenger

  1. Kered says:

    Male judges cannot rule on cases that involve men–after all, bros before hos.

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