Don’t blame me—I voted for Kodos

Polls only really matter to people when the results reflect your views, beliefs, or choice of cheese on your burger.  If the results differ from what you know or like, they’re dismissed as bunk and we insist that the masses are asses.

Results from the recent Gallup Poll show no signs of evidence to change that theory:

“Registered voters favor Republicans by 48% and Democrats by 43% in Gallup’s generic congressional ballot for the week of July 26 through Aug. 1. This follows two weeks when the numbers were nearly reversed.”

Did I miss something?!  When did the Republican party become retro? Maybe people are confused with the general term of the Republican Party and think that they are going to re-elect Lincoln or Teddy Roosevelt.

Since everyone loves pictures, the graph below illustrates just how fickle and fair weather is the American electorate.

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