I hate this man.

So, David Brooks has unloaded another steaming turd about his “economic realism.” My favorite part:

The Demand Siders don’t have a good explanation for the past two years.

Yes, we have no idea what caused the world’s economy to collapse. Also pretty hilarious:

You can’t read models, but you do talk to entrepreneurs in Racine and Yakima. Higher deficits will make them more insecure and more risk-averse, not less. They’re afraid of a fiscal crisis. They’re afraid of future tax increases. They don’t believe government-stimulated growth is real and lasting. Maybe they are wrong to feel this way, but they do. And they are the ones who invest and hire, not the theorists.

Screw facts, analysis, and evidence. How does a bait-shop owner in Wisconsin feel about economic stimulus? Although, if you are David Brooks, the entrepenuer is made up, and you have never been within a hundred miles of Racine, Wisconsin. This kind of “how does the imaginary average man feel” bullshit is Brooks’s stock in trade.

Parting shot:

Moreover, the Demand Siders write as if everybody who disagrees with them is immoral or a moron. But, in fact, many prize-festooned economists do not support another stimulus.

“Prize-festooned.” Hahaha! According to Xandar: “It’s a scientific fact you can’t be taken seriously if you use the word festooned.”

Paul Krugman has a brief rebuttal of the Brooks piece. I wonder if it drives him crazy  that they both work for the same paper.

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5 Responses to I hate this man.

  1. Kered says:

    Man, I cannot get over “prize-festooned.” Seriously? How about “decorated”? Jeez!

  2. Xandar says:

    Here is a guideline for deficits:

    If the economy is doing well, it’s good to increase the deficit so rich people can get richer.

    If the economy is tanking, it’s bad to increase the deficit so people don’t lose their homes.

  3. Kered says:

    I think the truly insane part of this article is that EVEN DAVID BROOKS THINKS IT’S STUPID TO NOT EXTEND UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS.

  4. Xandar says:

    Also I’ll just say, whenever you’re talking about David Brooks it’s important to remember this Taibbi quote:

    “In fact, he strikes me as the kind of person who even in his spare time would pay a Leona Helmsley lookalike a thousand dollars to take a shit on his back.”

  5. Kered says:

    Classic. Too bad it’s a little long to be a category.

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