False Equivalency is Destroying America

The GOP is doing most of the work, of course, but it’s expected of them.  That’s their place in American life, the GOP exists to siphon money from the lower classes to the richest people in America and to do as much as they can to dismantle the safety net.

Obviously the vast majority of people are on the losing side of the Republican equation, so their entire political operation is based on tricking idiots into thinking lower taxes are better for them even though most of the taxes are being saved by millionaires and then programs that benefit everybody else end up getting cut because we can no longer afford them.  These are the same dumbshits you see carrying signs at Tea Party events bitching about how much their taxes have gone up under Obama when in fact, the dude fucking lowered their taxes as one of the very first things he did in office.

Okay, we know the teabaggers are almost all part of the 27% of people who are too crazy to even be reasoned with (the Crazyfaction Factor), but there are a lot of other people out there who could actually understand who is screwing them over if it was reported honestly.  There are probably even Fox News watchers who would be fucking outraged if they knew what their beloved Republicans were doing to prevent the financial wizards who created this depression from paying any price at all for what they did, or even to stop them from doing it again.

I have yet to see any real coverage from a mainstream news outlet of how unusual it is for virtually every bill in the senate to be filibustered.  They just say it as if it’s an established fact, it takes 60 votes to pass anything.  Then when an unemployment extension or regulatory bill fails to get 60, it gets reported as a stalled negotiation or maybe the dems failing to get their own members in line because some dickhead like Joe Lieberman voted with the Republicans (because he is actually a Republican, but…).  Where are the “Republicans Filibuster Aid for the Unemployed Yet Again” headlines?  Apparently one or two corporate whore Democrats are all it takes to obscure the actual villains in the story.

Thanks a lot, media.

Greg Sargent writes about this dynamic fairly often, and it’s a persuasive, albeit frustrating, observation. Republicans deliberately create government dysfunction … which makes voters, who hate the dysfunction, angry … which leads them to vote for more Republicans since Democrats are the majority party and get blamed when the status quo breaks down.

Indeed, this goes further than just public perceptions about gridlock — the consequences fuel more public outrage. As Josh Marshall noted yesterday, “Republicans block any measures to buoy or resuscitate economy, call sputtering economy evidence of superiority of Republican policies, reap political benefit. Rinse. Restart.”

When it comes to exploiting public anxieties and frustrations, it’s about the most cynical scam imaginable, isn’t it? The goal is to get the public to throw up its arms in disgust and think, “To hell with the whole bunch.” Once that happens, Republicans are thrilled, creating an incentive for the GOP to do whatever it takes to make Washington even worse.

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5 Responses to False Equivalency is Destroying America

  1. J.P. Douglas says:

    I have to admit when the teaparty started I was really gung-ho about it. Not anymore.There solution’s seem to be to vote Republican. I think that is just more poison forced on the American people in a wine bottle. I’m not a democrat fan either because it seems they are against the 1st and 2nd amendment more and more. That really bothers me. I have this conundrum that I see no escape from. Republicans are there to make the rich even richer and when you complain, your called a communist. Then the Democrats dismantle your rights one by one. And when you complain about that your called a racist. It’s sickening. What is a moderate to do? Seriously? What the hell am I gonna do?

    Also to keep with the Republicans are garbage speech which I firmly believe in now. I leave you with this link-

    Thanks for the opportunity to practice my free speech.

  2. Xandar says:

    I’m curious what rights you think democrats have dismantled or want to dismantle. You say they’re against the first and second amendments but how? Gun control is not an issue on the Democratic agenda and hasn’t been since what, the mid-90s? And I’m not sure where they’re doing anything to curtail free speech, but if you have something in mind I’d be curious to know.

    They are certainly violating the 5th (due process) and 6th (trial by jury) amendments though, by keeping around warrantless spying, rendition and perpetual detention of terrorism suspects without ever charging them.

    I pretty much just bashed repubs in this post but it’s not like the dems are really great. They spend campaign season they’re going to do all these progressive things and fix Bush’s mess, but when they get in, a big enough chunk of them act exactly like republicans to stop any remotely progressive change from happening.

  3. J.P. Douglas says:

    Well I think that the nomination of Elena Kagan is an attack on the 2nd Amendment. Google “Elena Kagan is hostile towards the 2nd Amendment” you get some interesting material back. Number one is this article on Redstate -http://www.redstate.com/brian_d/2010/07/01/fact-kagan-is-anti-second-amendment/

    Regardless if you want to disown Red State then that’s fine with me. But you can’t just keep getting facts from the “Daily Kos” and think you see the big picture. If you think that Obama nominated a pro-gun judge in Elena Kagan then we can end the discussion right here.

    As for the 1st amendment I’m not happy about the push on the “Internet Kill Switch” bill by Joe Lieberman. Which would give the President the power to shut off the internet in a time of emergency. What constitutes an emergency? Also “The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is blocking certain websites from the federal agency’s computers, including halting access by staffers to any Internet pages that contain a “controversial opinion,” according to an internal email obtained by CBS News.” Can you spell power grab? What is a “controversial opinion”? You can find that story here at http://www.campaignforliberty.com/blog.php?view=36745

    I do appreciate the fact that you pointed out the 5th and 6th amendments being violated. That would be a great starting point for your side to raise hell on. Also get the Patriot Act revoked.

    Also you were dead-on with “They spend campaign season they’re going to do all these progressive things and fix Bush’s mess, but when they get in, a big enough chunk of them act exactly like republicans to stop any remotely progressive change from happening.”

    Because they don’t want change! They are all slaves to corporate power brokers. The sooner Americans wake up and realize that the sooner we can break these chains. In my personal opinion I’m a social conservative. I believe in always erring on the side of freedom. Fiscally I’m on the left of the spectrum. I hate and do not trust corporations for the life of me. Not just BP. All of them. It’s also not fair that I believe 80% of the wealth is in the top 5% of the people’s hands. That makes me so mad!

    That is why I am from the Land of Misfit Toys. I don’t just say Blah,Blah,Blah Democrats are bad! And blah, blah, blah Republicans are Bad! It’s that kind of group think that has destroyed this country. Both parties are bad. And both parties have some good ideas. There is no middle ground in America. And that bothers me more than you can imagine.

    Thanks for the response and for letting me comment and make my voice heard. Let me know if you have a plan on how to help America out of this corporate-oligarchy.

  4. J.P. Douglas says:

    P.S.- I don’t want to just be a Debbie Downer. I really like the title of the blog. “Summon the Meteors”. Great title! It will happen soon enough!

  5. Xandar says:

    1- That big-ass comment got marked as spam but I don’t know why. Maybe the length?

    2- The evidence that Kagan is an anti-gun fanatic seems pretty thin and even if she was, she’ll be 1 in a group of 9 that already includes 5 pro-gun hardliners. Personally I just don’t give much of a shit about the gun issue, I don’t have any guns and I’m not going to. Considering the usual rhetoric I would expect conservatives to be more receptive to local governments making their own laws without the feds coming in and telling them what to do.

    3- The TSA censorship thing is beyond silly to me. The article you linked was pretty vague but it sounds like either a workplace banning certain websites from its employees (who gives a shit, this happens everywhere) or TSA blocking certain sites on its public wifi networks in airports and such. If that’s the case, well, the first amendment doesn’t say anything about what you might have access to on a public internet connection. They probably block porn sites too, and it’s not a freedom of speech issue. This is not an assault on the first amendment, which bars congress from passing any laws curtailing freedom of speech.

    4- Joe Lieberman is not a Democrat and his idiotic internet killswitch is not a Democratic idea, I assure you. Actual Democrats fucking HATE Joe Lieberman and any dem who voted for his insane killswitch bill would most likely be primaried over it.

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